Teach your children the importance of self care with our downloadable and printable self care flashcards! 


Simply print, laminate and cut out these educational flashcards and they are ready to use.


Our self care flashcards for children go through A-Z to help your little ones remember an act of self care for each letter of the alphabet! Helping them to identify words and letters as well as how to be mentally and physically our best selves! Educational flashcards and mental health flashcards rolled into one.


How to use


You can either go through each card in order of the alphabet, or pick a random card to discuss.


For example, if you choose the Unique card you can speak about how we are all different and how important it is to be yourself and embrace your unique qualities to be happy and healthy. You can ask your child what they think makes them unique.


Or, if you pick the VIP card you can speak about how important it is to believe that you are important and that everyone is equal. You can ask your child what makes them feel confident and important. Remind them self care is all about taking time for ourselves because we are all important.


For each card you can create your own activity or questions, helping your child to understand why each card is important for healthy minds!


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Self Care Flashcards

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