Emotion and wellbeing flashcards to promote emotional awareness and good mental health.


Meet the mental health monsters! Our flashcards are here to help young children learn about their emotions and how to talk about them. Our flashcards go much further than the typical emotion flashcards you usually find; we delve into a huge range of positive, negative and frustrating emotions that all children feel, but may not know how to communicate.


Very young children communicate their emotions through behaviours, wouldn't it be great to teach them how to recognise and manage these emotions from as early as possible? Our flashcards also double as empowerment cards, promoting thoughtful discussions with pre-schoolers and early years children, as well as mindfulness exercises and mental health coping mechanisms.


In a snapshot:


  • 36 emotion flashcards depicted by our mental health monsters, emotions include; happy, sad, nervous, proud, scared, upset, frustrated, panicked, overwhelmed and more.
  • 28 empowerment questions for conscious awareness and self-reflection.
  • 4 mindfulness exercises to help regulate emotions and destress.
  • 2 grounding techniques for feelings of panic or distress.


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Please note that our cards come wrapped in ribbon to ensure they stay together when you first get them out of the box. The ribbon should be kept away from small children and discarded of after opening. Thank you.

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