Football and feelings is our downloadable scenario based card game that helps your little one to identify and understand their emotions through sport.


If you're child regularly plays football they may experience a wide range of emotions but may never stop to think about what they are or even how they're feeling. Some of these emotions are short lived but very impactful - we call these 'big' emotions. Emotions such as excitment, frustration, worry - all have a big impact upon our nervous systems for a long time after the game has finished!


Help your little one understand those big emotions and identify them as they play! Download and print at home! 


Features 12 scenarios and 16 emotions. 


How to play:


A scenario based card game to help children identify emotions. Simply print, laminate (optional) and cut out the scenario cards and the emotion cards. Focus on one scenario at a time; ask the child to match up the emotion cards to the scenario, exploring how each scenario makes them feel.

Football and Feelings - Scenario Based Flashcard Game

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