My Monster Brain

Get the safety scissors and glue ready for this fun activity exploring positive and negative thoughts.

Print our Monster Brain and have your child cut out and stick on the positive thoughts. This is a great activity to get your little one thinking about the difference between positive and negative thinking and how this can make them feel. Here it is important to reinforce that most of the time, our negative thoughts aren't true, and that positive thinking helps us to feel happy and healthy!

You can also work with your little one to think of some more positive thoughts in our empty thought bubbles to stick on the monster's brain. The aim is to fill the monster's head with as many nice things as you can! As an extra activity you can think of a creative way to get rid of those pesky negative thoughts - such as cutting them up into small pieces and throwing them away, or scrunching them up and chucking them in the bin! 

Have fun!

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