About Us

Our mission is to help prevent today's children from growing up to be the 1 in 4 adults who experience mental ill health each year.

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Be Happy Resources was set up in 2020 by Jenny Chesworth, after working in mental health and advocacy for over five years and living with anxiety since she was six years old, she set up the company with the aims of helping children understand the basics of mental wellbeing.


Fresh out of therapy in 2020 and after having her second child during the first lockdown, Jenny began to notice the same anxious signs in her then three year old son. She decided to use her knowledge of working on wellbeing resources for adults and children across Lancashire to adapt and create them for her own child instead.

What started out as a book about the pandemic, then developed into mindfulness flashcards and eventually, over 120 wellbeing resources which launched as our monthly subscription service, the Be Happy Hub, in September 2021.

We are a small but growing company with big aims, already we have partnered with local councils and social care charities to bring bespoke resources to children who need them. We add new resources to our Hub every week, but our main aim is to always remain affordable and accessible.


We believe that teaching children about mental wellbeing as early as possible is paramount in creating a new mentally healthier generation.

The Be Happy Hub

A unique online wellbeing resource centre for children age 3-11.

The Be Happy Hub was launched in September 2021 to help parents, teachers, carers and professionals access wellbeing resources for young children at an affordable cost.


After noticing that resources ranged around £3-10 for specific worksheets online, we didn't want emotional learning to be something only people with time and money could afford, so we decided to set up a unique Hub where you can have access to unlimited resources for a small monthly cost.


We focus on bringing fun, creative activities and worksheets that calm, improve self esteem, boost confidence and resilience and inspire positive thinking. We do this by taking tried and tested tools and techniques that already exist and adapting them to be fun and engaging.


We also allow users to request their own resources as part of their membership. With new resources added every single week, we are currently the cheapest online wellbeing centre for downloadable, feel-good activities and worksheets.

We also have over 30 resources for parents and grown ups too, plus a dedicated teacher wellbeing section for schools.

Support us by signing up to the Hub and spreading the word of our mission!