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Hi, I'm Jennifer Chesworth, the founder of Be Happy Resources - also the author, designer and self publisher! After working in marketing for 10 years, including three years for a mental health and advocacy charity, I decided to set up Be Happy Resources to create resources that explore important messages about mental health and life events for our little people.

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks from the age of six, and not really understanding what it was or why I was like this until the age of 28 when I finally sought help, I made a pact with myself that my children would grow up understanding and openly discussing the importance of mental health and self care.

Half of all mental health conditions are diagnosed before the age of 14, yet we don't equip our children with the knowledge of mental health or how to deal with their feelings from an early age. And so the idea for Be Happy Resources was born. 


I'm working away on our first ebook about anxiety, which will be coming soon. But in April 2020 I saw an opportunity to first create a book about the coronavirus pandemic when I was struggling to explain this to my son. You can download The Prince and The Invisible Enemy on Amazon now.

Ultimately the aim of Be Happy Resources is to create resources exploring important topics about our health and wellbeing in a way that children understand. Whether that's about a global health pandemic, or more sensitive topics such as grief and loss. Please stay tuned, follow us on Instagram and watch out for our resources.

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